Summer is here

xmasornaments1It is summer and in fact the longest day was nearly a week ago so it is all downhill from here towards winter again. This year I am disappointed not to have home grown vegetables in pots in the backyard. We gave access for our neighbour to do their building work, but as is often the case the work overran and I didn’t get time to plant out the pots. I am hoping next year I will have the opportunity to get the seeds out in time.

xmascards1Interesting numbers:

Days till UK School Holidays 22 days
Days till Autumn 65 days
Days till UK School Restarts 69 days
Days till BST ends 124 days
Days till Bonfire Night 130 days
Days till Winter 156 days
Days till Christmas 180 days
Days till 2017 187 days
Days till Spring 246 days


Already I am thinking about new Christmas stock for Didi Lou Crafts in time for the craft fairs in November and December. It is 180 days till Christmas now, which isn’t a lot of time. Etsy have a big online event coming up, Christmas in July, so I have already been listing items on the Didi Lou Crafts store in preparation.

Click here to go directly to the Christmas items on the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy store.

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