Spring Fair in Wokingham

160409craftfair1It felt like ages since Didi Lou Crafts did a fair, but it is only about 10 weeks. Now that isn’t really that long, but in terms of what has happened at home, it feels like it is a lifetime ago. That aside, it was nice to get out again and mix with other stall holders and to speak with the public about my products.

160409craftfair2This fair was held upstairs in a large room in Wokingham Town Hall. I had never visited the town hall before and must say it was a nice room, one I can imagine would be atmospheric for a small intimate wedding party. It worked for a craft fair, although I guess for the organiser the space is quite limited and means only a small number of stalls could be included. The town hall is right next to the Market Place and Saturday is always market day in Wokingham town centre. Being in the centre of town had advantages and disadvantages: there were plenty of people around, but unloading and parking was not as easy as at some halls. However being upstairs did mean people didn’t necessarily know about the fair and the organiser ended up putting balloons outside as well as sending people out to hand out flyers and telling people we were there.

160409craftfair3Didi Lou Crafts had a couple of sales, but it wasn’t the best of the fairs I have attended. I think fairs focussed on a specific upcoming seasonal holiday work better, such as Christmas Fairs. It might have been better to attend a fair early in March to catch the Easter and Mother’s Day trade, but unfortunately with the issues at home that was not possible this year.

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