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Paper is the traditional wedding anniversarysequin heart box_tn gift for the first or second anniversary, depending on which country one lives in. Whilst the modern world has tried to move away from the use of paper, with paperless offices and electronic mail, diaries and books, we still use a lot of paper and crafters are included in this. Card making can be a simple craft to start with and the range of papers and card available is amazing. Decoupage, decopatch, quilling, papermache, silhouettes, scrap booking, paper flowers, paper folding… all simple paper with a little embellishment. Book folding is a newer craft, one which looks interesting, but not something that Didi Lou Crafts will indulge in. Whilst I am all for upcycling, I am not sure I could bring myself to upcycle books, especially as I have a real love of reading, and much prefer the physicality of a book rather than some form of electronic reader.

barbie bag_tnMany of the items available at Didi Lou Crafts are paper based, from cards to the decorated boxes, some of which are papermache. Check out the cards at and the boxes at on Etsy.

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