The most popular craft that uses metal is jewellery making. Jewellery making is over subscribed in the area, so much so than often the local craft fairs state they will not take more jewellery makers. I happen to know that at least two people in the area who run multiple craft fairs during the year started running fairs because they were jewellery makers and struggled to find enough fairs to attend.

Didi Lou Crafts often uses metallic paints, stickers, glitter and other effects that sparkle or shine on items. Below are some examples, including decorated pots, wooden drawers, paper mache boxes and embossed and sticker cards.

metallicThe Christmas Angel Peg dolls sold really quickly at fairs, the silver ones first. I wanted to make more but couldn’t source the components again at such short notice, so perhaps I will make more next year.

doily angels_tnIf you head to the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy store you will find many of the items shown above still available to add that metallic shine or glitter to your day.


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