Lunchtime Fair at The Blade

craftfair151216-1_tnSerenaded by a steel band, overlooking the city, Didi Lou Crafts was at the corporate christmas lunch for The Blade building in Reading today. Staff in the building also got lunch and a free casino as well as the steel band playing christmas carols and there were only 6 stalls with Christmas and/or handmade items.

craftfair151216-2_tnIt was a good fair for Didi Lou Crafts, particularly because there was no table fee. The organisers were very friendly and helpful and the staff from the building visiting us were particularly interested in the handmade items. As has been the case at many of the recent fairs, the Christmas decorations sold well, particularly the Christmas suncatchers but also the decorated hearts and the little decorated notepads which are popular all year round and at this time of year make a great little stocking filler.

craftfair151216-3_tncraftfair151216-4_tnTheir tables were only 4 foot by 2 foot, but the young man helping was very happy to let me use 2 tables. Once we started packing up, we were offered some of the buffet lunch. One lovely woman helped move my boxes down in the lift while I collected my car from the public car park and even helped me load up the car. It is definitely an experience I would repeat and I am pleased to say I am doing it all over again the day after tomorrow at a sister building just down the road.


We were up on the 13th floor of The Blade, in what seemed like a conference and entertainment room. The view from up there was amazing, almost 360 degrees over the town of Reading.


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