Indoor Market

craftfair151205-1bThis market went reasonably well. Part of the appeal was definitely the ability to book photos with Santa, so there was a constant flow of people/families for that. Luckily Didi Lou Crafts was placed in the entrance on the ground floor, so people had to walk right by the stall. A high traffic area is great, even though the wind was cold coming through the open front door. I am not sure I would have done as well upstairs or round the corner. I deliberately had different (or additional) stock to the previous night’s stall, mostly because I expected a more mixed group of shoppers at this fair, which was the right call.

craftfair151205-2bThere are a number of problems with being a lone stallholder, such as handling toilet breaks, but my experience after a number of fairs is fellow stallholders are happy to watch the stall for a few minutes, so I rattle as I head off, cash box in backpack. Some people have the advantage of a spouse to drop them off and pick them up, which is a help unloading the car and saves the problem of finding parking. This fair was in the centre of town and I had to load with the hazard lights on surrounded by buses. I was very late leaving, because when I got back to the car park to get the car there was a long queue to leave and someone stuck at the barrier (and whilst the car park has two in barriers, it only has one out barrier). Not something I can really control and I’ve had similar problems at a previous fair where there was a huge queue to pay for the parking, so I have to admit it is easier when the location has a free car park on site, but that isn’t always the case. The next fair does, but the last two I have booked for this year have the same problem as this fair, being in the middle of town, so needing to unload then head off to park before returning to set up, in a busy town so close to Christmas. Still Christmas is likely to be the best time of year for me. Amusingly, in terms of making items, I am already planning my spring stock, considering Valentine’s Day and Easter and thinking about what sort of new summer items I might make to increase sales at that time of year.


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