Etsy Mini on the Website

The Didi Lou Crafts website now has Etsy Mini installed. What’s that I hear you say? I am glad you asked. It is a feature offered by Etsy to show items from Etsy on your own website.

etsymini1I’ve actually implemented Etsy Mini twice on the website. The first is on the sidebar of the blog (home page) where there are the 4 featured items displayed. It is as easy as 1 click on the product or link below and you will be on the DidiLouCrafts Etsy shop. The second is as a new page, called Etsy shop, which opens up to display the latest 15 items from the Etsy store. Again it is just 1 click on the product or link below and, hey presto, you are on the DidiLouCrafts Etsy shop and can make your purchases there.


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