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A friend has recently moved overseas. It was all a bit rushed, so I am currently cat sitting her little Princess until all the medical requirements for immigration have been fulfilled and my friend has earnt enough money to pay for the medical procedures and the shipping. With all that needs doing medically, we expect she will have to be with us for at least 2 to 3 months, but it could be longer as my friend is still looking for a job.princessbThis is Princess. She is slowly settling into the house and getting to know us. I had spent time with her before, visiting my friend and also feeding her when my friend was away, but she had never met my husband before and we were unsure how that would go. At first she would run and hide whenever he moved, but we made a point of talking to each other normally when we knew she was close by. Slowly and surely she has got used to him and now will beg him for neck scritches when she wants them. He hasn’t been bold enough yet to pick her up or invite her onto his lap, but that will come.

Things haven’t quite gone to plan though, I put her in a large dog cage at first in a room we don’t particularly use but that we walk through regularly each day, thinking it would give her a safe place for a few days where she would see and hear us, but she managed to slip out of that within 10 minutes. She is a curious little thing, getting into everything, although she is very gentle too, so not too many accidents and we haven’t had to move too much around to “cat-proof” the house. We are slowly teaching her that our expensive computer chairs, the wheelchair and the laptop bags are not scratching posts, everything else we are not too worried about. She is now in heat, so is being difficult, wanting to get out and I’ve had to resort to extreme measures at times to keep her in, like closing doors to rooms, which cats don’t like. Spaying is on the list to be done before she moves overseas, but it is safer for her to wait and have the operation when she is not in heat, so we are being subjected to another week of cat calling and neck scritch demands.

princesshelpingbShe is, however, a bit of distraction from the crafting, wanting to explore everything. I had to shut her out of a room to do some photography of new products for the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy shop as the light cube was something she just couldn’t resist. She does like to curl up on me at the computer and crafting desk, but on my chest rather than my lap, which makes it nearly impossible to move for a while, no crafting and no networking going on when she is like that. The other habit she has developed can be seen above, where she sits in front of the keyboard, on my craft cutting board, resting against the mouse, which again leaves me unable to do much for a little while as it seems to cruel to wake her (and to be honest, best not wake the sleeping dragon while she is in heat, she is a noisy little thing at the moment).

Luckily I am finding time to progress on the crafts for Didi Lou Crafts and I have been busy ordering in stock ready for my Christmas crafting, as well as listing new items on the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy shop, as I have over 30 items ready to go and perhaps another 10 that are close to being ready. I’ve actually just had a delivery of some of that Christmas stock and I can now tell you they are Princess approved, the new box entering the house needed sniffing and checking before I could deal with it. She seems to like boxes, to sleep on during the day.

Right now I am focussing on the fact that English Father’s Day is exactly a month away, June 19th, so listing new cards for that. The picture below shows the new cards, 2 use paper collage and the other 3 are decoupage, all with a sporting theme, which seems to be popular for male cards. I have left them blank, which makes them versatile, suitable not just for Father’s Day but for birthdays and other celebrations. You will find them appearing in the Father’s Day Section of my Etsy shop this week.

Male cardsb


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