Christmas Fair at Waingels College

161113craftfair1aDidi Lou Crafts returned to Waingels College this year. They have made some changes, firstly making the fair shorter and secondly making it bigger by expanding it into another room adjoining the main hall. It meant there was more space, which was nice. I think this fair was better attended than last year and there was certainly still people buying at the time it was supposed to close. For fairs not next to a shopping area, I think Sunday’s work better, it becomes a family thing, but getting everyone up and ready for a 10am start, well it seems a little early to me. Again, it wasn’t a huge sales success for Didi Lou Crafts, but a lot of the notepads, pencils and spinning tops went.

spinningtops2New items included the spinning tops above and the notepads and pencils below. These are all items Didi Lou Crafts only stocks for craft fairs (they are not available online).



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