Christmas Fair at Trunkwell House

161104craftfair1bThis was a two day fair, but luckily they had a 3 hour set up period the previous day, which was probably most notable for the pouring rain. Thankfully most of my stock and equipment is rain proof, I actually store my stock in Really Useful Boxes® so it is well protected. The actual fair is held in the huge marquee at Trunkwell House. It was well set up, tables laid out ready complete with a fresh white tablecloth. Unfortunately with 80 stalls and only limited entrances into the marquee, it took some time to get parked close to move stuff in, so on the Friday I didn’t unload all the stock. I did spend time setting up the table with the tree and lights and tinsel around the white shelves. I spent about an hour and a half before heading home, knowing I had items to complete for the morning.

161104craftfair2bIt was a very chilly early Saturday morning, frosty, but thankfully the rain had ceased. I finished setting up with plenty of time to spare to be able to photograph the stall and post it on Instagram. I bought a little table the previous night and managed to complete some of the little notepads and pencils I had been working on in past weeks during the day, which I added to stock on Sunday morning. It was cold outside both days, but I can report that the heating in the marquee made it rather warm. Thankfully it was a later start on Sunday, having left everything set up overnight. I did take a large plastic drop sheet and covered the stall with that both nights, which was just as well as a few people found damp from condensation had dripped onto their tables overnight.

161104craftfair3b Whilst I had steady sales, it was not the best fair Didi Lou Crafts has attended and I will need to consider carefully what lessons I can learn from the weekend. I did really like my new white Christmas tree as a display for the more individual Christmas decorations. The gingerbread men were popular and I have ordered more stock of those. There is one available in the Christmas section of the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy store now.

xmas-items-1New products on Saturday included two gold character bells (above) at £4 each, two papermache reindeer (above) at £8 each and two china snowmen baubles (above) at £4 each. The brown reindeer has already gone, but if any of the others are of interest they will be available at future fairs this month (see the Events page) and are also ready to ship. Please contact me at if you want one of them, and I can add it as a custom order on the Etsy shop. Remember if they are shipped they will also incur an extra post and packing charge. I also added 6 spinning tops (below) on Saturday, selling half of my stock, so I have ordered more and hoping to have them completed in the next week (they are dispatched but have not yet been delivered). I also added some extra notepads (below) and pencils (below) on Sunday, and had a run on the notepads, so my stock is low. I have been busy doing more this week and have new stocks of washi tape, including some Christmas designs so those will be ready for this coming weekend. These (the spinning tops, notepads and pencils) are all part of the Didi Lou Crafts exclusive Craft Fair range, so they are not usually available online.

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