Card Making

yellow tree card_tnteddy motorbike card_tn

I’ve been making cards for years. Homemade cards show special effort has been taken and my friends and family have really appreciated these cards, often framing them as little pictures for posterity. I have tried many different techniques, from stamping, embossing, cross stitch, glass painting, silk painting, tea bag folding, punching, decoupage, layering and aperature paper folding to quilling, string art and shaker, shaped and 3D cards.

pink cupcake card_tndaffodil glass painted card_tn

Didi Lou Crafts has a range of cards available and I try to ensure there are different styles and images to suit different ages and genders, although I admit there are more for females than males, just as there are more for adults than for children, but I will add more over time. I have been making Christmas cards over the last few weeks.

wisemen black card_tnrussian dolls silk card_tn

The Christmas cards are available at and the other cards are available at


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