Another Fair

craftfair151017-2Didi Lou Crafts attended another indoor fair yesterday. It wasn’t necessarily a huge success but each one teaches me more, even if perhaps the biggest lesson this time was don’t dig a whole new garden border in the days before a fair… not only has it taken me days to get the dirt out from under my nails but also I ache all over, but I did “borrow” my husband’s cushion from his wheelchair and sat on that… it is very comfortable on the horrible plastic chairs found at most craft fairs.

craftfair151017-1I am happier with how I am setting out my wares, although it is much harder to fit all my stock on just a single table. I have a few weeks break (this was the only fair I booked for October), before a very busy schedule with 7 fairs from the beginning of November up until Christmas (and still looking for more). I am now considering a well earned break in January at my favourite crafting hotel, which will give me the chance to do some more items.

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