Another Christmas Fair

craftfair151212-3_tnDespite it being a drizzly Saturday afternoon mid December, this fair was reasonably well attended. It was an average fair for me, although I believe I did better than many of the stallholders. The organiser delivered a lot of leaflets and advertised in a lot of places, but it is a new fair, one that will be repeated, so hopefully it will build a following over time as people realise it is a more regular fixture on the calendar.

craftfair151212-2_tnFor me, the sellers were mostly Christmas decorations again, the glass painted suncatcher decorations very popular again. I now have only a few days till the next one mid-week. I will have very little time to make new stock so thankful I made enough Christmas stock over the last few months. I have already started my stock for the new year, with more supplies ordered. Valentine’s Day is the next big push for me.

craftfair151212-1_tnI am really enjoying doing the fairs, but they vary so much. I am beginning to recognise some of the regular stallholders too. Looking forward to the new year and already starting to enquire about fairs for 2016.

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One thought on “Another Christmas Fair

  1. I really haven’t had much luck with craft fairs! 🙁 Only tried 2 so far but they were pretty disappointing. The first one I just made back my table fee and the second had no sales and was a complete waste of time. It seems like way too much preparation for me and not enough of a reward. Hoping to find some more well known events to attend this year!

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