Sad News

Last Monday morning my husband died suddenly from a heart attack. He had been ill for a long time, but a heart attack was certainly not what we expected. I was his carer and we were living on his medical pension whilst I am building up Didi Lou Crafts. This has left me with no income and a lot of paperwork to sort out before I can get access to the bulk of our savings, which is what I will need to live on until the business picks up. My health had suffered somewhat whilst caring for him, eating the wrong foods and not exercising as much as I needed, so I am now making my health a priority along with the business. I will continue with the business as I want to build it up more, but I may have to supplement that with a part time job for a while, although that is a decision I won’t make until the new year.

sportsandstuffxmas baubles

Please, if you do see this, considering buying a homemade gift or card for someone from the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy shop. I also have a lot of Christmas decorations ready and for sale, so maybe consider those. I need to make this work for me as I adjust to my new circumstances.

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