Summer is here

xmasornaments1It is summer and in fact the longest day was nearly a week ago so it is all downhill from here towards winter again. This year I am disappointed not to have home grown vegetables in pots in the backyard. We gave access for our neighbour to do their building work, but as is often the case the work overran and I didn’t get time to plant out the pots. I am hoping next year I will have the opportunity to get the seeds out in time.

xmascards1Interesting numbers:

Days till UK School Holidays 22 days
Days till Autumn 65 days
Days till UK School Restarts 69 days
Days till BST ends 124 days
Days till Bonfire Night 130 days
Days till Winter 156 days
Days till Christmas 180 days
Days till 2017 187 days
Days till Spring 246 days


Already I am thinking about new Christmas stock for Didi Lou Crafts in time for the craft fairs in November and December. It is 180 days till Christmas now, which isn’t a lot of time. Etsy have a big online event coming up, Christmas in July, so I have already been listing items on the Didi Lou Crafts store in preparation.

Click here to go directly to the Christmas items on the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy store.

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Product Photography is not so easy

Whilst there are many people who love photography and take it rather seriously, when I was younger I was more a “snap” person, taking photos to have memories of places visited and people seen with a cheap camera. To own a camera that took good quality pictures was definitely an investment when I was young and developing photos an expensive process. Nowadays nearly everyone has a much better camera than back then in their mobile phone and so sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Imgur are very popular for sharing photos.


Starting up the Didi Lou Crafts business I suddenly realised I needed to get, at a bare minimum, reasonable at photography in order to display the Didi Lou Crafts products online. I looked for short courses locally and only found photography courses for landscapes or portraits, not for objects. An untapped market methinks, although I am not the person to offer it.


I’m finding my photography is slowly improving, although I do still find some objects challenging. I tend to do a batch of photos and then check them on the computer and go back and take any extras necessary. Having a proper tripod has helped greatly to keep the camera still. I now use a light cube with white lights. The late afternoon sun in the front bedroom seems to be the best for product photos. I’ve tried the kitchen too, under the fluoro lights, but that isn’t as good. I still take some “snaps” on my mobile phone of places and people, and when I have a new item to launch at a craft fair I will often just take one or two photos before the fair and then take a full set later, but for products it is much more involved now.

apple preserve jar_tn

What I find particularly hard is photographing glass and china, because the light shines off it. I’ve found closing the curtains is best for painted glass and china, but sandblasted glass is even harder and a coloured background is necessary. I uess you could say I am still working on improving my technique for glass and china.

pink flower mug 4_tn

I do make use of photo editing software to crop and resize photos. I will sometimes also rotate a photo slightly if necessary. Once in a while I find I need to brighten up a photo, but it is not something I have to do regularly. I have started cleaning up the background on one photo for my “primary” image on Etsy and I think it has made a difference for my sales. All I do is manually paint the whole background pure white using Paint.NET. You can see the difference with the boat below, it is exactly the same photo, just the background is changed in the second one.

boat card 1_tnboat card 1a_tn

This card and the mug and jar shown above are all available on the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy Shop here

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