Happy Ostara and Happy Easter

stollenTomorrow is the spring equinox and next weekend is Easter. I’m enjoying seeing all the daffodils out in flower at the moment, we even have a few in the garden. We generally have a quiet weekend with a roast dinner on the Sunday and I often bake a stollen as we both like it (it is a christmas thing really, but I often make it at Easter time). I am going to get the slow cooker out and try cooking lamb shanks on Sunday, so I guess I need to get moving on that, and find an appropriate recipe online so I can get the ingredients in the next few days.
The period of holiday targets for crafting is almost flowerbasket silk card_tnover until Christmas. We’ve had Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday and Easter is this week, only Father’s Day to go in terms of more stock although internationally Mother’s Day is not till May, but the stock is already on Etsy for that. I am making more generic items at the moment, for example I have been working on some coasters, some male cards, some storage boxes and jewellery boxes this week. I have a craft fair booked for early April and might do a couple in June, but then the focus will be Christmas Fairs.

aztec eggcup_tnI have some Christmas stock ready, and more supplies sitting ready to start work, although I expect I will leave tackling that till June, as I want to do some silk and fabric painting before starting on the new Christmas stock. This week saw me booking one weekend fair for early November, a Christmas Gift Fair and Food Market. It is a big fair over two days, a very popular one, but with a higher cost too. Speaking with other crafters around Christmas time last year, they recommended it as a good one, so I am hoping it will be a case of higher risk equals higher rewards. I am also in the process of looking for other Christmas Fairs.

There are only a few more days left to get your easter rabbit box_tnpresents and cards. Didi Lou Crafts has hand made cards, some wooden egg cups and some fun Easter character boxes still available on the Etsy store for those last minute purchases. Check out the Easter section at Didi Lou Crafts

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Spring Fashion

I’ve really got into the fun of making treasuries on Etsy. A treasury is a collection of up to 16 items with a similar theme. I’ve averaged about 4 a week most week since I developed an interest in them. Some treasuiries I choose a random topic, others I have been doing series, for example I did a series on Spring 2016 Home Decor Trends and I have recently done a series on Spring 2016 Fashion Trends. Over time the number of items in a treasury can reduce due to sales, which is a good thing, triggering sales for other people.

Here are the treasuries I did for each of the key colours for spring:


You can check out the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy treasuries here

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February was not a good month

Don’t get me wrong, Didi Lou Crafts actually had some sales in February, but not of Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day items, surprisingly I sold a lot of male cards this month and have been busily working on more.

transport(Some of these have already been sold)

I was to be found mostly at the hospital this last month as my husband had a medical crisis which resulted in him being there for three and a half weeks, not the best of ways to run a small crafting business, but I managed to keep it ticking over. I won’t go into the details, but it was a stressful time for me. Now that he is home again I am starting to get back into the crafting to build up my stock, focusing on some more male cards since they are so popular.

sportsandstuff(New cards, some already available, some to be listed later this week)

To check out the new cards or anything else, go to the Didi Lou Crafts Etsy store

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