A Two Day Fair


This was a good fair for Didi Lou Crafts. From a sales point of view, lots of Christmas ornaments sold, but so did other items. From a practical point of view it was very organised, lots of stewards checking in regularly and taking orders for tea and coffee. Unloading and loading cars in the small area outside the village hall was made so much easier with assistance carrying the boxes and they co-ordinated the leaving times to make it a smooth pack up.


They also opened the hall the night before the fair, which made it less rushed with the setup. It was nice to feel relaxed in those minutes before they opened the doors. Being a village meant it was a very social event for the locals, although there were visitors from further afield too. Definitely one for next year.


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Christmas Fair

craftfair151115-1aAnother fair down. Many more to come, but each brings more experience and definite improvements. Didi Lou Crafts made more sales, in fact selling out of the Christmas character suncatchers, so I have more of them painted and drying ready for next weekend’s fair, and selling out of the silver peg angels, which I will not be able to remake as the kits are not available any more.
craftfair151115-2bI added some Christmas fairy lights to the display and also some tealights. Another new addition is a clothes rail for the hanging items. Moving the felt decorations from being slung low on the front of the table to on the clothes rail made a big difference and four of these decorations sold this weekend, that is four more than at the previous two fairs.

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Proof Reading for Posters

Whether you are making a poster as a small business owner, the member of a sports club, on the committee of a school fete, or for your lost pet, a professional looking poster tends to get more response. There are so many free clip art sites available now, that it is easy to create a nice poster with great pictures too. Bright and colourful will catch the eye, but remember to make it readable too. Note though that sometimes less is more, especially if you want the poster seen (and understood) from a distance.

Of course there are professional companies specialising in larger posters printed on different materials, but with computers and printers in most homes, many can and do make small posters themselves at home, using graphics software.

I want to offer the following advice to avoid spelling mistakes:

  • Most graphics packages don’t have a spell checker, so type the text into a word processor first and use the spell checker. You can then copy and paste the text after it is fully checked.
  • Check against a normal plain background first. A busy background can get in the way. (If you are dyslexic, have you tried a non-white background? There have been studies in the past that have proved that people with dyslexia can often see issues better on a pale yellow or pale blue background, but the colour that works best for each individual can vary.)
  • Check your text using a normal font first. The eye can be deceived by strange fonts.
  • Check your text using normal case first. Again, all capitals can trick the eye. Most word processors will be able to convert the text to capitals later with one click.
  • Get someone else to look at the text too. We often see what we want to see, not what is really there, so a fresh set of eyes can help.
  • A spell checker will also miss correctly spelled words that aren’t correct in the context or missing words, so another set of eyes can pick those up.

It is not just posters, I do it for posts here on the website too as the software doesn’t pick up errors. I write up the text first in a word processor. I usually leave it a few days and read it again with fresh eyes. When I am happy with it, I copy and paste the text to the website software and preview the draft multiple times. As soon as it is published, my husband tends to looks over the text as well and points out any other errors, so hopefully I am catching any errors before the general public get a chance to see them.

It might seem like a bit of a fuss, to take such care, but as I said before, a professional looking post/poster will get more response. Mistakes can breed mistrust, so that little extra time is definitely worth it.

Good luck making your posts/posters.


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A Better Fair

craftfair151107-1Today was the most successful fair so far for Didi Lou Crafts. This one seemed very well organised, with signs out on the tables indicating who was where, and a bottle of water too. There was a place to unload the cars, but they had to be moved to the multi-storey car park, which was luckily right next door. They advertise a lot beforehand and, in my opinion, it felt like it, the foot fall was good. Santa was there in a grotto handing out gifts to the children, although I didn’t see Santa at all. I got into the christmas spirit with an elf hat with elf ears.

craftfair151107-bI will certainly consider this fair again in the future and I understand they do several through the year, not just at Christmas. I’m feeling very upbeat right now even with the knowledge that I have 6 more fairs lined up in the next 4 weeks.


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Card Making

yellow tree card_tnteddy motorbike card_tn

I’ve been making cards for years. Homemade cards show special effort has been taken and my friends and family have really appreciated these cards, often framing them as little pictures for posterity. I have tried many different techniques, from stamping, embossing, cross stitch, glass painting, silk painting, tea bag folding, punching, decoupage, layering and aperature paper folding to quilling, string art and shaker, shaped and 3D cards.

pink cupcake card_tndaffodil glass painted card_tn

Didi Lou Crafts has a range of cards available and I try to ensure there are different styles and images to suit different ages and genders, although I admit there are more for females than males, just as there are more for adults than for children, but I will add more over time. I have been making Christmas cards over the last few weeks.

wisemen black card_tnrussian dolls silk card_tn

The Christmas cards are available at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DidiLouCrafts/Christmas and the other cards are available at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DidiLouCrafts/Cards


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