More items to post to Etsy… How I do it!

I have posted more completed items here on the Products page of this website today. That’s another eight items.

So when these are posted to Etsy, that will be a total of 33 items for Didi Lou Crafts, found by going to, having posted 3 additional cards to Etsy late Wednesday.

floral sandblasted vaseMy favourites in this batch are the sand blasted vase and the two hand painted silk ties. Also included are some tea light holders and some upcycled gift bags. These are hot off the press, having been photographed only a few hours ago.

The process from photography through to listing on Etsy is actually quite drawn out. First I load the photos from the camera to the computer and check them, sometimesautumnal silk tie needing to go back and get additional shots. I then choose the best 3-5 photos of each item, deleting the rest. The remaining photos are then cropped, but they have to be cropped either square or in landscape orientation, portrait is not suitable on Etsy. I then resize them to be 1000 pixels wide.

Next I choose 1 photo for the website, making a copy of it resized to be 200 pixels wide. Both copies of that photo can then be loaded here and I can update the product page here, coming up with a suitable name for the item.

oceanic silk tieBut the processing getting ready for Etsy continues. The items each need to be weighed and measured to work out the postage and start writing the description. The description also includes putting the item in the right categories and adding appropriate tag words and components to get picked up in searches. I also double check my initial cost estimate and readjust the price if necessary as I load the photos on Etsy. Only then can it be made active on Etsy for sale.

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Blast Off!!!

Hot off the press: Didi Lou Crafts launched on Etsy today.

There are 22 items up for sale so far, mostly UK only, although there are some cards that are available for sale worldwide. More items will be loaded up in the coming days.

In the last week I have sorted out business insurance. I have also photographed more items, uploading the photos to both here and onto Etsy. I’ve been researching postal costs, pricing up a range of items and ordering more packaging for future sales. I’ve also created a FaceBook page for Didi Lou Crafts today, but it is a work-in-progress at the moment, so I will save the link for that till my next news update.

asian hexagon boxMy personal favourites so far are the red box (seen here) and the 3 Delft/William Morris inspired plant pots.

I’ve also been working on more products. I have another 15-20 items close to completion for the coming weeks. Of course, I have some personal favourites in the upcoming items, in particular a bracelet and a little chest of drawers, so watch for those.

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First Photos

bunny flower cardThe first photos of products are now taken, edited, resized and uploaded. It took some work to get them to an acceptable level: managing the light levels, including an item for relative size, the best background, the proper orientation and the correct size for uploading. I’ve taken nearly 200 photos so far, so have a pile of editing to do now. I will upload a batch to the website in the coming days, but here is a sneak preview of two items.

Launch of Didi Lou Crafts is only days away.

lamb box

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Winding up to launch

daffiesThe crocuses and daffodils are starting to show through around the neighbourhood and I’ve been painting pot plants and planter friends. I’ve also been making some pretty spring cards. I am very close to having enough completed stock for launch, with other items that will be ready in the opening weeks. I have just ordered the packaging ready to post items out to the customers. The photography is the next step and then the countdown to the launch. Watch for this space for the link to Didi Lou Crafts’ first shop front.

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